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The Departure

A young woman awakened from a deep sleep in the forest.

As she rolled up her sleeping bag she noticed the ground was wet.

She went to a large elm, with arms stretching for the sky and roots running deep in to the forest floor and asked,

Did it rain?

And the tree said nothing.

Then to a rock lying solidly in place with its family of rocks she asked,

“Did it rain?” 

And the rock said nothing.

She then saw a bush who sat scattered

unkempt and unconcerned.

She asked her question. 

And the plant said nothing.

So she adjusted the sleeping roll on her back and walked off towards the sun.

When she had gone from the place were they sat, the tree looked to the rock, and the bush and said,

She’s not like the rest.

For if she were, she would have known that we would never speak to her.

The tree and bush nodded both their heads in agreement that she was very different.

The rock agreed in silence as rocks often do. 

And when she was gone from sight

They thought of her.                                


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